Website design

A successful website relies on an uncluttered easily navigable website design, which can be successfully promoted in the search engines.

Is your website design keeping you out of the search engines?

Without doubt the Internet is the cheapest way for a business to take orders, provide information, answer queries and generate new customers. Yet simply creating a website is just the first hurdle for any business to cross. It takes visitors to make a successful internet presence and we at Structured pride ourselves in the steps that we take in our website design. We design websites that get those visitors

Get high search engine listings from your website design!

Generating new interest in your business requires your website to appear high up in the search engines that matter for the keywords that best describe your business activity. Getting successful search engine listings will equate to sales and future custom!

We work with our customers to identify the words that are important to their business which are likely to be used by search engine users as search terms. Thereby maximising the chances of attracting the casual surfer.

Everything we do is geared towards keyword targeting. We never let this fundamental technique be overshadowed by any other website design principle. Even our seocart eCommerce and marketing database solution is built with keyword targeting in mind.

For example, whilst being visually appealing to the viewer, our product display pages are constructed in such a way as to appeal to the search engine indexing software when it hunts for keywords.

Remember - Your competitors will steal your sales if your site is not near the top of the results returned from a search for the keywords that describe your business activity.

Get meaningful descriptions on those search engine result pages!

Being near the top of the search engine results is not enough!

Certain components of the pages, such as your title field, description field and first line of body text are used by different search engines in different ways when they list their results. These components need to be written to appeal, captivate, and compel your visitors into clicking on your link.

We know how the search engines use these pieces of text and we construct and promote our websites to make the viewers curious to learn more about a companies products and services.

How long will they have to wait?

Most internet ventures rely on graphic intensive website designs that take an age to load, are not appealing to look at and are not constructed in a search engine friendly way.

Even if you do get into the all important top pages of a search engine result's. If a surfer has selected your site from a search engine listing, and the time spent loading your website's all important first page is not done in record time, they will move on to the next site in the listing. Pages that take too long to load, cause irritation and frustration - not patience!

We at structured strive to create the fastest loading pages that we can from the information that you provide us.

Will they find it easy to navigate?

Once a surfer has clicked on a link within a search engine, they need to be presented with a clear idea of how to use the website immediately. The information that they require should at least be 'one click' away from the homepage.

The method of navigation and the 'look and feel' should be of a design that is familiar to them. Your website should not radically deviate from the website design standards that have started to emerge in recent years.

We at structured aim to construct a website design that will instill in your visitor the need to dig deeper and stay on your website, rather than return to the search engine from whence they came.