Premium Domain Name Sales & Pre Built Solutions

Here we list premium domain names and pre-built website solutions that are for sale. Domains can be purchased with or without using us to provide a website solution.

Domain Name Sales

The following premium domain names have been registered for more than 2 years.

NB. All of the below have been prefixed with www. since inception with the non www. versions 301 redirected. 

Domain Name Date Registered Notes 7th Jun 2008 Highly brandable! - BAKEnICE or BakeNice 7th Jun 2008 is redirected to .com via a 301 redirect 3rd Nov 2011 12th Dec 1999 12th Dec 1999 is redirected to .com via a 301 redirect 9th Dec 1999 9th Dec 1999 is redirected to .com via a 301 redirect

Please use the contact form on our contact us page to enquire for pricing.

Pre-Built Websites

We do not have any domain names with a pre-built websites for sale at this moment. However, all of the domain names above can be purchased with our seocart CMS solution.